Benefits of Sorority Life

Sorority life means sisterhood, lifelong friendships, and personal growth. A nationwide network of women, together for common goals, that is what sisterhood is when women with the same interests come together. On campus, a sorority gives you a home, a family, among whom you can be yourself and share the up’s and down’s of daily life. A sorority sister is more than just another familiar face in the classroom, it is someone who cares about and understands you. Through cooperation, sharing, and unity, a sorority can take on great tasks that one person alone could not accomplish in the way of charity fundraisers, community work, and service to the school. Group support, a sense of pride, and traditions, are just a few of the rewards of sisterhood.

In this sisterhood you form friendships that last a lifetime, starting with your candidate class. While learning about the sorority together, you learn a lot about yourselves and each other. As you grow in the sorority, you learn the skills of leadership and responsibility. The friends you make are good friends, fun to be with, supportive, and interested. This group of friends gives you an active social life including dances, parties, and fraternity mixers! It is a group you can identify with, and have a lot of fun with.

Along with the social aspects of sorority life, the sisterhood helps academically and professionally. Having the support of your sisters eases the struggle of college life. Help in school and academic counseling or advice are readily available from your sorority sisters.

A sorority opens the door to a wide variety of other extra-curricular activities, by keeping informed of events happening around campus. Membership in a sorority gives you a voice in campus professional organizations and government such as student council, advisory boards, and so forth. Professionally a sorority can help you with job contacts, career advice, and job seeking through the wisdom and experience of its alumnae members. Sorority life creates a strong bond amongst each and every member – a family whom one can turn to and trust.

-Alpha Omega Epsilon Alumna